Drag & Drop for 5 file native file formats

Easy and fast ordering for your PCBs – thanks to Drag & Drop.

Where is the Drag & Drop area located ?
A Drag & Drop box is located on our hompage, on the PCB page, and in the online Price Calculation page.
How does Drag & Drop work ?
Simply Drag & Drop your layout file or upload your files from your computer.
Which file formats are supported ?
With Altium, EAGLE, TARGET 3001 !, KiCad and Extended Gerber we cover almost 80% of all orders.
What does Drag & Drop do for me ?
You will receive an instant price quotation.
We calculate the price directly from your PCB data, and in addtion to saving time, you also need less experience to order your PCB correctly.
Standard Specifications
• ENIG (without any extra surcharge)
• Standard delivery time of 6 working days.
After calculating the price, we begin rendering the images and creating the 3D data.
A progress bar keeps you constantly updated on each of the processing steps.
You also have the option to cancel your upload at any time.
If you need your PCBs faster or need to add further options, you can still modify the details in the pre-filled price configurator.
Any questions ?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this new Drag & Drop service, please feel free to contact : info@beta-layout.com

You can also visit our forum: https://uk.beta-layout.com/forum/

Output of 3D data for your PCB

Together with the price of your PCB, a preview image of your PCB appears within the configurator.
When you click on this image we will not only display high resolution 2D images but also 3D data and a PDF format in 3D.
Upon request, you will receive the 3D data in step format (.stp) and a 3D-PDF relating to your PCB design FREE of charge.
Click on this icon: After you have logged into your account, you can download your data 3D immediately.
What is .stp?
The data format STEP (ISO 10303) guarantees the exchange of 3D CAD data between different CAD systems as a comprehensive exchange format of CAD data. A .stp file describes a 3D object, the z. B. can be printed via a 3D printer.
What can I do with .stp?
You can also convert the .stl file to another file format using your MCAD system. This allows you to use the data in your preferred PCB layout program, for example: to make a collision check.

 Additions and replacement of components to this file can also be performed in your MCAD system.

If you do not have an MCAD system available, we recommend using FreeCAD in conjunction with a component supplier, such as 3D Content Central.

 From FreeCad you can also output this file as a .stl file. You can use this .stl file for example to create a 3D print.

.stp file opened in FreeCAD

High Resolutions Images of your PCB

Whether you want to show the world your latest, greatest PCB creation or require quality detailed pictures for an all important presentation, the high resolution images which you can download from our website are ideal for these and many more purposes.
Underneath the high-resolution images is a series of small images ranging from a 2D Top-Side PCB image to a 3D image of your printed circuit board.
Simply click on the image you would like to receive in high-resolution. With the download symbol  you can download the high-resolution image.

3D Printed Model of your PCB

To preview an image of your printed 3D PCB, click on "3D FFON" under the PCB image in the top right corner of the configurator.
Order a FREE FITS-or-NOT 3D model in advance of receiving your PCB-POOL® prototype order.
For each FITS-or-NOT order, we only create a pro forma invoice.
Order the printed circuit board matching the 3D model in the PCB-POOL® service within 14 days of delivery. Simply select the saved FITS-or-NOT order number in the configurator. Your FITS or NOT invoice will be automatically cancelled. (If you do not order a PCB in the specified period, the proforma invoice will be converted into an invoice and sent to you.)
Maximum: 254 mm width x 254 mm length x 300 mm height
For stability reasons, components or component pins should not be created below 1 mm thickness.