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Save money – try a Dummy

World first: Hands-on collision check!

Have you always wanted the possibility to check the construction design of your PCB prior to production? Do you want to exclude the risk of higher costs because of unfitting Front Panels or Enclosures?
Now there is the solution!


You know how it is: The deadline is looming and you rush to finish the layout so that the data can be sent to the PCB manufacturer. After several days, you finally hold the PCB in your hands. Now all you need to do is to assemble the components…
BAD NEWS: the connector is 0.5 mm too far to the right and the mounting holes are not centered correctly. Save yourself this hassle:
Let us solve it beforehand.
VIDEO: The problem
VIDEO: The solution


Order a free FITS-or-NOT-3D-Model now BEFORE the arrival of your PCB-POOL® prototype circuit board!

For each FITS-or-NOT-order we only create a proforma invoice.

Within 14 days of delivery, order the corresponding PCB. Simply select the stored FITS-or-NOT order number in the Configurator and your FITS-or-NOT-invoice will be canceled automatically.

(If you don't order a matching PCB during the said period, the proforma invoice is converted into an invoice and sent to you.)


For rapid prototyping a data file in STL (Surface Tesselation Language) format is required.

The easiest way to create your 3D-Model is using our configurator! You can also place your free 3D-Model order from this tool.

How do I order?

  • 1. Possibility
    Upload your .brd file to our configurator.

    Your component designations are automatically assigned and placed with appropriate 3D models from our 3D library.

    In addition to the free 3D model, you will receive a FREE ready-to-use STEP-file.
    You can make additions and replace components with this file in your MCAD system.

    If no MCAD system is available to you, we recommendFreeCAD in combination with a components provider such as 3D Content Central.
    You can also issue this file from FreeCad as an STL file.
  • 2. Possibility
    You already have an STL file of your PCB.
    Then start FREE FITS-or-NOT here.


Dimensions: Maximum dimensions: 254mm (width) x 254mm (length) x 300 mm (height)
Data formats: .stl or .brd (if you order via our configurator)
Delivery time: 3 working days
Note: For stability reasons, components and component pins should have a minimum thickness of 1 mm.