Costing of Multipanels

The minimum area of a multi-panel with all PCBs which can be ordered is 1 dm²The smallest area for single PCBs that we will invoice is 1 dm².
For PCBs which are smaller than 1 dm² we will automatically produce as many PCBs that fit within this area. If a milling charge is paid, we can separate these after manufacture and deliver them as single PCBs. If the PCBs are to not to be delivered as separate PCBs then only one outer contour should be specified.
As an alternative you can also specify the panel delivery with the PCBs held on pins (extra charge). The milling (or pin milling) and solder mask charge will only be applied once in this case.

Combined multi-panels with PCBs < 1 dm² and PCBs > 1 dm²If your multi-panel is mixed with PCBs both larger and smaller than 1 dm² they will be split up and produced and invoiced separately. The PCBs which are > 1 dm² will be charged individually and a solder mask and milling charge (where applicable) will apply in each case. The PCBs which are < 1 dm² will be combined and one solder mask charge and one milling charge will apply.

Panels with PCBs held on lands ≤ 20 mm x 20 mmFor quality assurance reasons PCBs ≤ 20 mm x 20 mm are produced and delivered on panels (PCB holders).

There are no additional costs (land milling fee).